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Registration will close on June 10

This is for:

  • This is for businesses, sports clubs,  groups and organizations and individuals to organize an activity like an Egg toss, Three Legged Race, Soccer or Hocky Shoot on Goal to name a few. New ideas are welcome!
  • Informational tables for non-profits
  • Demonstrations like Karate, Dance or Gymnastics

This would be an excellent venue to share the non-profit services you offer to the community and invite them to learn more about your organization but it would not be a appropriate to push your organizations political or religious beliefs on others attendees at this event.

Thank you for your desire to participate in Community Day. What many may not realize is that Community Day is meant to be a day of fun for our friends and neighbors at minimal or no cost to them. We do not let anyone promote their business as this event. It is for community service groups or if a business wants to do a community service project or event they can have a banner or something showing who their business is but this is not a business event. We try to keep it like a picnic community service fun and games for families. Community Day Sponsors Thank you for your understanding and support.

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