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Non-Profit Food Vendor Registration

Registration will close June 10

Register Early – Good Categories Fill Fast

Thank you for your desire to participate in Community Day. Food vendors are required to fill out the registration form and pay a $75 donation (except Non-Profits like the Fire Company & Boy Scouts,etc.).

We limit the number and types of food vendors to reduce duplication and make it a more enjoyable day for those attending and profitable for those working the event. First come first serve – Non-profits like the Fire Company and past participants have preference. Your application will be reviewed within 2 weeks for approval or denial for this year. If you are not approved you will get a refund within 7 workdays charged back to your card.

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Please Note: By registering here you will automatically be entered in our email list for information about Pennridge Community Day. Every email notice we send will have the option to Opt Out of future email.